December Product Feature

The Versatile ONE6 FS!

A Timeless Classic

Classic design with modern functionality. Whether you’re looking to heat a remote cabin or deliver extra coziness to an urban apartment–the SÓLAS ONE6 FS fits any interior.


Easy Installation & Operation

The ONE6 FS is engineered for easy installation with top or rear venting and expertly built with the highest standards SÓLAS is known for. It operates using a control system that runs on 4 AA batteries, no need to hardwire; and continues to heat during a power outage with battery life lasting a full heating season!




State-of-the-Art Options for the ONE6 FS

ONE6-FS Stove with Steel Grey SurroundAdd our Self-Calibrating Power Vent System to vent downward within the stove unit, no exposed pipe–one of the only stoves on the market that can. A game-changer in the industry, allowing installation essentially anywhere!

Popular options include a Variable Speed Blower, Birch Logs, and Beautiful Glass Media in a Variety of Colors!

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