Cool Zone Technology

Broaden your design horizon with reduced clearance zones.

At SÓLAS, we pride ourselves on our design capabilities and advancing the features our gas fireplaces offer. We recognize that our fireplaces need to provide more than just amazing radiant heat, they must offer the design flexibility to allow architects and designers use a wide variety of construction and finishing materials safely within the surrounding walls. Our Cool Zone Technology efficiently manages the surface temperatures on surrounding walls, eliminating limitations on the design elements your architect or designer can specify.

Our Cool Zone Technology was designed to redirect heat buildup from within the fireplace enclosure back into the room, minimizing the heat loss typically seen with noisy fan-based cooling technologies. Redirecting this heat from within the walls allows for virtually endless design possibilities, without fear of heat damage or design obstacles.

Our Cool Zone Technology enables the installation of design features above the fireplace, such as:

  • TV’s and electronics
  • Artwork
  • Valuable decor
  • Sensitive material

Our Cool Zone Technology safeguards against wall heat damage, such as:

  • Cracking marble
  • Peeling or discoloring of paint
  • Melting of glue adhesives used in tiling
  • Negative effects on electrical components
  • Deforming or warping of surrounding walls

Cool Zone Technology Wall Temperature Difference

Distance Above Firebox Industry Standard SÓLAS Cool Zone Technology
0 – 6.0” 280° F – 380° F (138° C – 193° C) 120° F (49° C)
6.0” – 12.0” 240° F – 320° F (116° C – 160° C) 100° F (38° C)
12” 180° F – 300° F (82° C – 149° C) 80° F (27° C)

Compatible with all SÓLAS Slim-Line Built-In and THIRTY8 Built-In Gas Fireplaces. Please refer to the installation manual for complete specifications and installation requirements.

Transform any room in your house with ease with SÓLAS contemporary gas fireplaces.

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