January 2023 News

January News

HAPPY 2023!

We’ve accomplished a lot in the past 365 days, and we look forward to the next!



SÓLAS Introduced 3
NEW Slim-Line Built-In
with Integrated
Cool Zone Technology.
Launched August 2022.





SÓLAS makes a major
capital investment in
NEW, Faster Prima
Power Fiber Laser
improve production capabilities.
Installed September 2022.




We continue to update
and improve all
Installation & Operation
Manuals – to help with
smoother installs.




The SÓLAS Team enjoyed a
well-deserved Company Outing,
taking the day off for a kayak
and cookout along the Connecticut
River in Vermont.




We look forward to working together in the new year ahead! Happy 2023!


SÓLAS Products are Skillfully-Designed,
Expertly Manufactured & Built to Last a Lifetime

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