October 2022 News

An Uncomplicated Install… The SÓLAS Wall-Mount

Engineered and designed with a focus on ease of installation, the unique SÓLAS Wall-Mount requires no special framing – eliminating the need for major renovations. The fireplace mounts to an existing wall with its simple mounting plate – keeping installation costs minimal!

Direct-Vent  |  Vent-Free  |  Outdoor

Virtually endless installation possibilities and almost as simple as hanging a picture on the wall!


SÓLAS Direct-Vent Wall-Mount
A clean, European design emphasizing high efficiency.
Offering a unique alternative to traditional stoves and fireplaces.
Available in 3 sizes, and 6 surround finishes to deliver the style you’re looking for.



SÓLAS Vent-Free Wall-Mount
No venting is required, so the fireplace can be installed practically anywhere!
Create ambiance and style with a SÓLAS Vent-Free Wall-Mount.
Safely install on an internal or external wall.



SÓLAS Outdoor Wall-Mount
Extend your time outside and transform any space with ease.
Built with marine-grade, heavy-gauge stainless steel to withstand the elements,
our outdoor wall-mounted fireplace will deliver much warmth and light.



SÓLAS Wall-Mount Features

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