June 2022 News

SÓLAS Slim-Line Built-In – 12″ Deep

With a depth of only 12″ (305mm) – SÓLAS Slim-Line Built-In models are consistently solving those tough installation challenges!


Venting Choice: Left or Right

Slim-Line Built-In models are thoughtfully engineered for installation flexibility. Choose a Left or Right side vent option!





SÓLAS Built for Installation

  • Slim 12″ Design – Uses Minimal Floor Space
  • Cool Zone Compatible
  • 3 Sizes; 4′, 5′, 6′ Viewing Area
  • Single-Sided or See-Thru
  • Left or Right Side Venting
  • Automatic Pilot Ignition
  • Thermostatic Remote Control Operation
  • Reflective Porcelain Enamel Panels
  • Integrated Safety Screen
  • Built with Heavier Gauge Materials
  • Fully-Welded Firebox
  • Battery Back-Up Operation





It’s June and the SÓLAS Racecar is Back in Action!

The SÓLAS Racecar is back in action. Our Production Manager (and resident racecar driver), Mike Jurkowski #42 keeps the pace going both in and out of work. We wish him all the best during the 2022 race season! 🔥

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