SÓLAS Cool Zone Technology

Provides Endless Design Options!

The SÓLAS Cool Zone Technology is engineered to redirect heat from within the fireplace enclosure. Heat is moved upward through ductwork and exits back into the room through a top vent. Redirecting this heat from within the wall allows for virtually endless design possibilities and eliminates the fear of heat damage.



Key Benefits:

  • Surrounding Walls Stay Cooler
  • Enables Design and Finishing Options
  • Creates a Safe Zone for Installing Combustible Materials around the Fireplace Opening
  • Valuables such as TVs and Fine Art Remain Safe Above
  • No Mantel Required and/or Flexibility for Mantel Materials
  • Fireplace Still Warms the Room
  • A Quiet, Noise-Free System



SÓLAS Cool Zone Technology
safeguards against wall heat
damage, such as:

  • Negative effects on TVs, Electrical Components and Fine Art
  • Cracking Marble and Sensitive Material
  • Peeling or Discoloring of Paint
  • Odor from Glue Adhesives Used in Finishing
  • Deforming of Surrounding Walls


Check out the Cool Zone Technology video above that shows behind the shiplap wall of this beautiful SEVENTY2 Slim-Line Built-In installation.


Proudly Built in the USA

All SÓLAS products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.
We engineer our products with installation and service in mind.


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